Paul Guiragossian Foundation
The Paul Guiragossian Foundation was established in 2011 to preserve and promote the legacy of the painter and thinker Paul Guiragossian (1926 – 1993). Upon the initiative of the late artist’s wife and four children, a board was formed that consisted of a select number of distinguished art historians and critics some of whom were contemporaries of the artist who knew him and his work very closely.
Since its inception, the Foundation has embarked on a rigorous research journey throughout the world in order to locate, catalogue, acquire and restore artworks and archival documents by and about Paul Guiragossian.
Today the foundation boasts an extensive database comprising images of hundreds of artworks along with comprehensive information on their provenance and present location. Moreover, it has gathered a considerable number of archives (photographs, published reviews, exhibition catalogues, personal letters and manuscripts, audio and video recording, etc.) that span the long and prolific career of Paul Guiragossian. This material is available upon request to students and scholars of art history as well as curators who wish to learn more about the life and work of the artist.
All of these achievements will now form a stepping-stone for the next phase in the Foundation’s life: the publication of an extensive catalogue raisoné covering the entire opus of Paul Guiragossian. This will undoubtedly help eliminate the likelihood of any imitations penetrating the art market, especially upon the great success and increasing appreciation for Paul Guiragossian’s work in the international art market.
Despite the great progress the Foundation has made until now, much remains to be done. The execution of these timely projects is critical to the continued promotion of the life and work of Paul Guiragossian and is only the beginning of what the Foundation has in store to keep the Legacy of such an extraordinary pioneering artist from the Arab World alive.