Paul Guiragossian Tribute
On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the artist's passing, the Beirut Art Fair 2018 is hosting the Paul Guiragossian Foundation to hold a tribute exhibition revolving around the recently published monograph, Paul Guiragossian: Displacing Modernity, published by Silvana Editoriale and edited by Sam Bardaouil, Till Fellrath and Manuella Guiragossian.
The fair opens from 20 to 23 September 2018.
Café La Palette. Beirut, Lebanon.
Centre d’Etudes Supérieures. Beirut, Lebanon.
Café La Palette. June 12. Beirut, Lebanon.
Galeria d'Arte Moderna La Permanente. January 16 - 24. Florence, Italy. 
Centre d'Etudes Superieures. June 18. Beirut, Lebanon.
Centre d'Etudes Superieures. May 12 - 20. Beirut, Lebanon.
Galerie Alecco Saab. December 20 - 31. Beirut, Lebanon.
Galerie Alecco Saab. Beirut, Lebanon.
Galerie Alecco Saab. Beirut, Lebanon.
Galerie Mouffe. December 4 - January 6, 1962. Paris, France.
Galerie Alecco Saab. May 3 - 19. Beirut, Lebanon.
L'Orient Gallery (L'Orient newspaper hall). June 12. Beirut, Lebanon.
Galleria d'Arte Cairola. January 18 - 31. Milan, Italy.
Internales Kultur und Austauschzentrun, Gartenhaus. May 20 - 31. Frankfurt, Germany.
American University of Beirut Alumni Association (Retrospective). November 10. Beirut, Lebanon.
L'Orient Hall (L'Orient newspaper's hall). February 24. Beirut, Lebanon.
Galerie L'Amateur. May 16 - 28. Hamra, Lebanon.
Galerie L’Amateur. May 20. Beirut, Lebanon.
Paul Guiragossian: Recent paintings. The Corcoran Gallery of Art, May 16 - 27. Washington D.C., USA.
L'Orient Hall (L'Orient newspaper's hall). April 2 - 11. Beirut, Lebanon.
Hotel Normandy, L'Atelier d'Art Dramatique de Beyrouth (The Strike of Thieves Play). December 4. Beirut, Lebanon.
Studio 27 gallery, Arpil 5 - 27. Beirut, Lebanon.
Artists Union. July 30. Yerevan, Armenia.
Studio 27 gallery. October 24 - November 11. Beirut, Lebanon.
Studio 27 gallery. June 4 - 30Beirut, Lebanon.
Studio 27 Gallery. May 9 - 27. Beirut, Lebanon.
Al Zahra (The Flower). Secours Populaire Libanais (Together for Mankind). June 28. Beirut, Lebanon.
La Famille, Modulart. December 27 - January 10, 1975. Beirut, Lebanon.
Paix et Vie (Peace and Life). St Elie church. April 21 - 28. Antelias, Lebanon.
Palais de la Culture au Liban (Rabieh Club). May 7 - 22. Rabieh, Lebanon.
The National Museum of Damascus (Retrospective). August 25. Damascus, Syria.
The National Council of Culture, Arts & Letters of Kuwait. February 4 - 14. Kuwait city, Kuwait.
Association of the Armenian Red Cross, Club Azadamard. February 23 - 26. Jeïtawi, Lebanon.
Galerie Elcir. June 5 - 17. Mkalles, Lebanon.
The National Council of Culture, Arts & Letters. December 22 - 28. Kuwait city, Kuwait.
Celui qui croyait à ses yeux et à ses mains. (Paul Guiragossian illustrating the poems of Jacques Lebreton). Cultural Mouvement of Antélias. St. Elie church hall. April 18. Antelias, Lebanon.
Galerie Chahine, May 27 - June 10. Beirut, Lebanon.
Gebraniat, Ministry of Tourism Glass Hall. October 23 - November 3. Beirut, Lebanon.
Gebraniat, Gallery One. Casino Du Liban. December 3 - 24. Beirut, Lebanon.
Jordan National Gallery. November 22. Amman, Jordan.
Gab Center (Galerie d'Art Bekhazi). February 18 - 28. Ashrafieh, Lebanon.
Ministry of Tourism Glass Hall (Retrospective). March 19 - 28. Hamra, Lebanon.
Du Genocide à La Renaissance, Salle Gulbenkian, The Armenian Catholicosate of Antelias. April 23 - May 6. Antelias, Lebanon.
Al Zahra (The Flower). Secours Populaire Libanais, Hotel 
Carlton. December 6. Beirut, Lebanon.
Al Zahra (The Flower), The Cultural Center of Arts & Letters of Kuwait. April 19 - May 4. Kuwait.
Gab Center (Galerie d'Art Bekhazi). April 23 - May 4. Ashrafieh, Lebanon.
Faqra Club. Faqra, Lebanon.
The Belmont Hotel exhibition hall. Cultural Movement of Zgharta. September 5. Ehden, Lebanon.
Bank Petra hall. November 26. Amman, Jordan.
Galerie La Toile, Rimal. April 2 - 15. Zouk, Lebanon.
Lebanese – Soviet Friendship Days, Applied Arts of Lebanon, National Arts Museum of Belarus. October 20. Minsk, Belarus.
The Roots of Cedars, Sahakian College. Beirut, Lebanon.
Tribute Celebration, Der Melkonian Theater. December 14. Bourj Hammoud, Lebanon.
Galerie G. Tabbal. March 4 - 14. Beirut, Lebanon.
Tekeyan Cultural Association, March 27, 28, 29 - New York, USA. April 10, 11, 12 - Los Angeles, USA. May 1, 2, 3 – Montreal, Canada. 
St. John’s Armenian Church hall, April 23 - 26. Detroit, USA.
Platform International Gallery. December 4 - 24. Washington D.C., USA.
Hovnanian Armenian School. December 18 - 20. New Jersey, USA.
Genocide and Renaissance, Armenian Students Association of BUC/NDU. April 29. Louayzé, Lebanon.
Galerie G. Tabbal. December 14 - 22. Beirut, Lebanon.
Salle Des Pas Perdus, UNESCO. May 22 - 31. Paris, France.
Maarouf Saad Art Center. Sidon, Lebanon.
Chahba Cham Palace. December. Aleppo, Syria. 
Galerie Pays de Cham. December 22 - January 2, 1991. Damascus, Syria.
Paul Guiragossian in Los Angeles, Tekeyan Cultural Association. March 16. Los Angeles, USA.
International Art Center. April 17 - 30. Zalka, Lebanon.
Paul Guiragossian Retrospective, Centre Culturel Français. July 3. Beirut, Lebanon.
Belmont Hotel. August 30. Ehden, Lebanon.
Soviet Cultural Center. November 14 - 23. Beirut, Lebanon. 
Institut du Monde Arabe. December 12 - February 2, 1992. Paris, France.
Loubnan Assalam (The Peace That is Lebanon), The Glass Hall of the Lebanses Ministry of Tourism. October 20 - November 1. Beirut, Lebanon.
Park Hotel. November 28 - December 8. Chtaura, Lebanon.
Variations Dramatiques, Association for the Promotion of Music in the North of Lebanon, Barsbay Tower. April 30 - May 4. Tripoli, Lebanon.
Akhnaton Gallery. Cairo, Egypt.
Paul Guiragossian Wal Masrah: Shaghaf Da’em (Paul Guiragossian and the Theater: A Constant Passion), Masrah El Madeenah. December 15 - 30. Beirut, Lebanon.
Paul Guirgossian, Emmagoss Art Gallery. May 9 - June 5. Zalka, Lebanon.
Blancs et Noirs, Emmagoss Art Gallery. December 6 - January 6, 1996. Zalka, Lebanon.
Emmagoss and La Faculté des Beaux-Arts et des Arts appliqués de l'Université du Saint-Esprit (USEK). Kaslik, Lebanon.
Images of Faith, organized by Emmagoss art gallery and National Evangelical Church in downtown. July 8 - July 15. Beirut, Lebanon.
L’Art du Portrait dans l’Oeuvre de Paul Guiragossian, Centre Culturel Français de Beyrouth. February 3 - 25. Beirut, Lebanon.
Green Art Gallery. October 19 - November 2. Dubai, UAE.
The Press Club. Press Headquarters Center in Beirut. January 2 - February 5. Beirut, Lebanon.
Notre Dame University (NDU) auditorium. March 18 - 26. Zouk, Lebanon.
Dar Al Funoon. November 24 - December 11. Kuwait city, Kuwait.
L'Empire des Mères, Emmagoss Art Gallery. March 20 - 31. Beirut, Lebanon.
Paul Guiragossian: Retrospective, Emmanuel Paul Guiragossian Museum. July 14. Jdeideh, Lebanon.
Paul Guiragossian: The Human Condition (20th Anniversary Retrospective), Beirut Exhibition Center. November 20 - January 6, 2014. Beirut, Lebanon.
Paul Guiragossian, Galerie Tanit. May 2 - 26. Beirut, Lebanon.
Paul Guirgossian: Testimonies of Existence, Barjeel Art Foundation in collaboration with the Paul Guiragossian Foundation. March 10 - April 28. Sharjah, UAE.
Peintres et Sculpteurs Résident au Liban, Rotary Club of Beirut at the French Cultural Center of Beirut. May 02 - 18. Beirut, Lebanon.
Salon d'Automne, Palais De l'UNESCO. December 10. Beirut, Lebanon.
VIeme Salon De Peinture Et De Sculpture, Lebanese Ministry of National Education and Fine Arts. Palais de l'Unesco. Beirut, Lebanon.
II Mostra Concorso Della Grande Medaglia, Società Delle Belle Arti, Circolo degli Artisti. Casa Di Dante. January 25 - February 6. Florence, Italy.
Mostra Internazionale d’Arte, Galleria d’Arte Moderna La Permanente. February 15 - 24. Florence, Italy.
Exposition de La Genèse, Galerie Alecco Saab. January. Beirut, Lebanon.
Prominent Lebanese Artists, Engineering Students Society. American University of Beirut (AUB). March 24 - 31. Beirut, Lebanon.
Exposition d’Oeuvres de Peintres et de Sculpteurs Libanais, Musée Nicolas Ibrahim Sursock. November 18 - 28. Beirut, Lebanon.
IX Salon de Peinture et de Sculpture, Lebanese Ministry of National Education and Fine Arts. Beirut, Lebanon.
Pittori Libanesi Contemporanei (Contemporary Lebanese Painters), Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna. October 26 - Novemver 10. Rome, Italy.
IV Salon d'Automne, Musée Nicolas Ibrahim Sursock. Beirut, Lebanon.
Lebanese Armenian Artists, National Gallery of Armenia. May. Yerevan, Armenia.
Exposition – Retrospective de l’Art Libanais Contemporain, Lebanese Ministry of National Education and Fine Arts. Palais de l'Unesco. Beirut, Lebanon.
John F. Kennedy Cultural Center. Washington D.C., USA.
Exposition Collective de Peintres Libanais et Etrangers, Galerie l’Amateur. February. Beirut, Lebanon.
Galerie l'Amateur, April 7. Beirut, Lebanon.
Contemporary Art from Lebanon, Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service. May 8 - June 6 The exhibition toured the USA until 1973. USA.
16 Lebanese Artists, Centro d’Arte La Barcaccia. February. Roma, Italy.
The first exhibition for the artists in El-Metn, (region in Lebanon). The North Metn Council for Culture. Beirut, Lebanon.
Lubnan 78, Dar Al-Fan Wal-Adab (The House of Art and Literature). Beirut, Lebanon.
Paul Guiragossian, Seta Manuokian & Omran Al-Kaysi, Intercontinental Hotel. May 2 - 12. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Exposition De Peinture, Museo Del Folklore Romano. October 8 - 13. Rome, Italy.
L'Exposition des Amis de Charbel, Galerie DAMO. November 17 - 30. Antelias, Lebanon.
Salon de Mai, Municipality Palace. May 18 - 31. Zouk Mikael, Lebanon.
Art for Humanity, Baghdad International Festival of Arts. Baghdad, Iraq.
Contemporary Lebanese Artists, Kufa Gallery. January 15 - February 24. London, UK.
2nd Baghdad International Arts Festival, The Iraqi Ministry of Culture and Information. October 24. Baghdad, Iraq.
War and Love, (Works by 11 Lebanese Contemporary Artists touring the United States until the end of 1988). USA.
Les Cimaises Gallery, Holiday Beach. Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon.
Paul and Emmanuel Guiragossian, Darat Al-Funun - The Khalid Shoman Foundation. February 7 - 28. Amman, Jordan.
Lebanese Modern Art, The Egyptian Ministry of Culture. Akhenaten Hall Art Center. 23 April - 12 May. Cairo, Egypt.
Lebanese Landscape, Beirut University College (BUC) Alumni Association and the Humanities Division. Sheikh Zayed Hall, BUC, now the Lebanese American University (LAU). May 7 - 12. Beirut, Lebanon.
Contemporary Art from the Permanent Collection, Insitut du Monde Arabe. December 12. Paris, France.
Still Life in Lebanese Art, Alumni Association and the Humanities Division of Beirut University College (BUC). Sheikh Zayed Hall, BUC. April 22 - 28. Beirut, Lebanon.
XVII Salon d'Automne, Musée Nicolas Sursock. March 15 - April 15. Beirut, Lebanon.
July 18 - ARTUEL art fair - Beirut Hall - Sin El Fil, Lebanon.
ItaliaArabia, Chelsea Art Museum. December 10 - February 7, 2009. New York, USA.
Landscapes. Cityscapes. 1, Maqam gallery, Saifi Village. Beirut, Lebanon.
The Responsive Hand Drawings. 1, Maqam gallery, Saifi Village. Beirut, Lebanon.
Artspace DIFC inaugural exhibition. Dubai, UAE.
Pieces for a Museum, (Paul Guiragossian and Shafic Abboud). April 8 - 22. Dora, Lebanon.
The Family, (Paul, Emmanuel, Jean Paul and Manuella Guiragossian). Anima Gallery. January 12 - February 28. Doha, Qatar.
Re:Orient: Investigating Modernism in the Arab World 1950s - 70s, 
Barjeel Art Foundation. March 11 - November 22. Sharjah, UAE.
Saltwater, 14th Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul Modern Art Museum. September 5 - November 1. Istanbul, Turkey.
L’Emozione dei COLORI nell’arte, Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea (GAM) and Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea. March 14 - July 23. Turin, Italy.
Lines of Subjectivity: Portrait and Landscape paintings, Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts. March 9 - May 31. Amman, Jordan.
100 Chefs D'oeuvre de l'Art Moderne et Contemporain: Fondation d'Art Barjeel. Institut du Monde Arabe. February 27 - June 25. Paris, France.
Modern Art from the Middle East. Yale University Art Gallery. February 24 - July 16. New Haven, USA.

Imperfect Chronology: Arab Art from the Modern to the Contemporary - Debating Modernism I. Whitechapel Gallery. September 8 - December 6. London, England.
Chrétiens d'Orient: 2000 Ans d'Histoire. Institut du Monde Arabe. September 14 - January 14, 2018. Paris, France.
Face Value: Portraiture, a gallerist’s Personal Collection. Saleh Barakat Gallery. January 19 - February 24. Beirut, Lebanon.
Prize of the Ministry of National Education and Fine Arts. Salon d’Automne, Palais de l’Unesco. Lebanon.
Prix De Florence with scholarship to Florence Italy. Italian Cultural Institute in Beirut. Beirut, Lebanon.
Prize of the Academy of Fine Arts of Beirut. Lebanon.
Gold Medal of the International Exhibitions at the “Permanente” Gallery. Florence, Italy.
First prize at the Competition for the Grand Medal exhibition organized by the Society of Fine Arts – The Artists Circle. Florence, Italy.
Onore Al Merito. Accademia Universitaria Internazionale. September 18. Italy. 
Medal of the Academie Internationale de Lutèce in the Bienale de Paris. France.
Scholarship to the Ateliers des Maîtres de l’Ecole de Paris. Republic of France. France.
Prize of Fine Arts. German Association of Arts & Culture. Germany.
First prize of the Phillips Award. Lebanon.
Second prize for painting at the 6th Salon d’Automne. Sursock Museum. Beirut, Lebanon.
1st prize the poet Said Akl Award - 1st prize “Philips” Award.
Said Akl Award. Lebanon.
First Prize of “The National Education,” Beirut, Lebanon.
Knighthood of the Ordo Militiae Crucis Templi (O.M.C.T). of Germany. Lebanon.
Honorary merit award of the Ministry of National Education and Fine Arts. Lebanon.
Chevalier De L'Ordre des Arts Et des Lettres. Ministry of Culture, Republic of France. France.
Mardiros Sarian Award of Plastic Arts of Armenia. Yerevan, Armenia.
Knighthood of the Order of Saint Sylvester, awarded by his His Holiness the Pope Jean-Paul II. Vatican.
Knighthood of the Order of Saint Mesrob Mashtots, awarded by His Holiness Karekin II, Catholicos of Cicilia. Republic of Armenia. Lebanon.
Knighthood of the National order of the Cedar. Republic of Lebanon. Beirut, Lebanon.