Christe’s International Modern And Contemporary Art auction will be held on October 27, 2009 starting at 7 PM at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel, Dubai.

This October Chrsitie’s brings back father and son for a second time by auctioning both Paul and Emmanuel Guiragossian in one sale.

Three paintings by Paul Guiragossian will be auctioned at this sale. Two of which, “Monumental” (1985) and “Mother and Child” (1985) come from the Guiragossian family collection.A third painting “Untitled” from the late 80’s early 90’s comes from a private collection in Beirut and will be the first lot in this sale.


Lot # 150 - “Monumental” (1985), oil on canvas, 130 x 82 cm, is truly a monumental piece from the abstract period of Guiragossian in its elongated figures with fascinating presence, a recurrent theme in his work of groups of women. They sometimes have recognizable attributes- holding babies, or wearing patterned clothes. These works, taken as a whole, are an homage to women and most specifically, to the mother and to motherhood.


Lot # 13 Another interesting piece of Paul Guiragossian’s art work is entitled “Mother and Child” (1985), oil on canvas, 100 x 70 cm. Maternity was a favorite theme of Paul Guiragossian  and from early on in his career he explored this subject of women as mothers and motherhood itself. He explains why: “I lived my childhood deprived from the affection of a woman. I have spent my childhood in private convents, without knowing my mother that I looked for so long to find in my paintings.” For Guiragossian the mother is “the greatest hero of the world” and he celebrates throughout his artistic oeuvre, especially in Mother & Child. Here, we see a group of women clutching their children, which fit snugly onto their hips. This work is of exceptional size and quality, broadly executed using thick strokes with darker colours over a brighter ground. The subject matter and style of the work have led to comparisons with icon paintings, whilst the luminous finish gives the work a stained glass appearance.




Lot # 1 Untitled (Mid to late 80's), Oil on Canvas, 100 x 75 cm. Property of a private collector in Beirut.



Lot # 155 Entitled “The Light” (2005), oil on canvas, 100 x 170 cm is a painting of Lebanese-German artist painter Emmanuel Guiragossian, eldest son of Paul. He graduated in 1979 from the “Hochshule fur Bildende Kunst“ (Fine Arts Academy) in Dresden, Germany, specializing in human and animal anatomy. Emmanuel, master of abstraction, paints the horse and the human figure in motion with power and energy. “The Light” is a unique example of the horses in dynamic movement in monochromatic color a truly rare peace that inspires both power and elegance at the same time.








-25 October 2.00 pm – 10.00 pm
-26 October 2.00 pm – 10.00 pm
-27 October 10.00 am – 1.30 pm and the
auction begins at 7

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