Catherine Latta28-Dec-2013
I knew Paul in the 60s and 70s when I was art reviewer for the Daily Star and organized an exhibit of Lebanese artists for the Smithsonian that toured prominent U.S. museums for three years. I treasure his works that I have. He was a man of great spirit and generous heart.
Catherine Latta
That's really tnihknig at an impressive level
Nehme j.22-Mar-2012
Paul was my art teacher at ALBA between 1978-1983. I was impressed by his great maitrise and his outstanding observation and quick sketch... "Just one time, no need to touch-up', if you should do so, redo it again" , this was Paul, a Great Artist.
Cynthia Issi04-Apr-2011
In addition to the undeniable beauty of his compositions, Guiragossian's oeuvre reminds us of what truly matters at a time when very little makes sense.
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